We want effective primary healthcare for citizens across South Africa.

A highly-functional, mobile solution

Our Health Management System (uHMS) solution, including the consulting, implementation and support of the system, focuses on achieving operational improvements and a positive patient healthcare experience at clinics across the country.

  • The most cost effective eHealth solution available in the market
  • The first open-source eHealth application for clinics in South Africa
  • The first eHealth application that can operate offline
doctor using phone while holding tablet
doctor using tablet computer

Health Management System (uHMS) solution

The full solution comprises:

  • eHealth consulting
  • Core clinics eHealth application
  • Mobile clinics application
  • Ward-based outreach teams (WBOTs) application
  • Integrated schools heath team (ISHT) application
  • Pharmaceutical stock management and dispensary application
  • Integration to wearables
  • eHealth on the cloud
  • Operational support

Some noteworthy features

Offline functionality

The solution can be configured to work online or offline, offering functionality to areas where connectivity is an issue.

Touchscreen compliant

Our eHealth system focuses on usability. The interface to the clinics as well as the touchscreen functionality help to automate clinic processes, minimise time requirements to use the system, and provide a faster rate of adoption.

Livescribe compliant technology

Our system caters for transcribing information onto the system using Livescribe technology.

Clinical decision support system

A powerful engine that provides treatment guidelines by indicating possible conditions based on a keyword search of symptoms. It includes efficiencies such as electronic prescriptions and it supports effective stock management.

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