Ulwembu Business Services is a black owned management consulting and information and communications technology (ICT) services company that facilitates the transformation of private and public enterprises to optimised, digitised organisations.

Ulwembu Business Services operates in South Africa and comprises five companies that focus on key areas of ICT that leverage technology, people and processes to create sustainable value for our clients.

A diversified solutions offering

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Ulwembu Business Services delivers, maintains and manages end-to-end enterprise applications and technology solutions, and provides enterprise development and business consulting services that focus on improving performance, streamlining processes and creating business efficiencies for our clients. Read more

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Bridging Digital Divide (BDD)

is a black-owned ICT infrastructure, telecoms and energy solutions company that provides modular enterprise technologies, including servers, storage, fibre and wireless networks, data centres, energy solutions and security solutions to public and private clients.

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Smart Integration

is an expert systems integrator that specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of advanced office and home automation systems.

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Our people

Our greatest strength lies in our people who are experts in their fields. Our team is committed to exceptional quality and to producing measurable results for our clients and partners.

We are passionate about influencing the growth and progression of South Africa. We are committed to helping businesses and communities move forward by supplying, provisioning, implementing and maintaining the right solutions effectively and affordably so that they can influence, change and improve the lives of the citizens of our country.



  • We are a partner of choice in modern employment.
  • Our people are experts in their fields.
  • We care about our people and make their lives better.
  • We enable growth and continuous learning.
  • We empower our people by respecting and recognising the contributions of each person.


  • Our shared vision is the basis for teamwork and collaboration.
  • We create an environment of trust ripe for teamwork.
  • We communicate at every level no matter how difficult the conversation.
  • We have common ways of work and practice them deliberately.


  • We take time to understand the underlying issues and solve them for our customers.
  • We mix and match to find new solutions.
  • Our deep partner network helps us to keep abreast of the latest trends.
  • Individually and collectively, we find ways to deliver more value to our clients.


  • We understand where the line is and never cross it.
  • We are ethical in what we do – we offer solutions that we would sell to our families.
  • We trust our teams to do the right thing.
  • Our values are our compass, they guide everything we do.
  • We’re honorable and trustworthy in everything we do.

Customer focus

  • We are transformation partners.
  • We are invested in customer success through collaboration.
  • A customer need or requirement is never too much.
  • Our team collaborates to solve customer problems.
  • We’ll never stop learning, never stop growing, never stop delivering, never give up.

What makes us unique?

Ulwembu Business Services helps our clients optimise their business investment and achieve the desired outcome without compromising on the quality of our services, by:

  • Understanding their business challenges and delivering on our promises in the right time and within budget;
  • Delivering innovative solutions that offer real benefits and business efficiencies;
  • Providing a consistent level of work;
  • Using open source platforms where possible and delivering other cost savings;
  • Focusing on developing client relationships through open communications, hands-on involvement and ease of engagement;
  • Being actively involved in the daily operations at our clients, buying into their vision and becoming part of the team that drives their success; and
  • Living our values in everything we do.
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